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Today is #MuseumCats Day…no joke. I don’t know about you but I am a cat lady myself so I’m excited museums are celebrating all things kitty cat. I have written quite a few posts about cat-related museums, like the Moscow Cat Museum, Amsterdam’s Katten Kabinet, the "guard cats" at the Hermitage Museum, and the cat and the rat who live in Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral. And here’s an additional feline post with the Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration (now known as the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum). In the 1940s an exhibit was held about the history and art of cats. Its exhibit catalog (or cat-a-log for those who like puns), Nine Lives, is available in their collection of digitized books, and was even used as a reference in the Wikipedia article on the cultural depiction of cats. MEOW!

Earlier in the week this blog’s 4th anniversary came and went, like a plastic bag blowing around an empty parking lot. My very first post was nothing too exciting, just explaining the overall purpose of the blog, which I think I am still pretty much doing, although not as often as I’d like. In case I don’t make it to a 5th anniversary (and because I have a thing for lists, which explains why I am a bit late) I will celebrate by listing every museum and attraction that has been featured on This Belongs in a Museum (I hope some of these weird places make your own to-do lists):

1. Neon Museum in Las Vegas (tried to see this, but was denied)

2. Neon Sign Museum in Cincinnati (my goal is to see this in person one day)

3. American Heritage Wax Museum

4. Baked Bean Museum of Excellence

5. Italy’s Button Museum

6. America’s first Wax Museum in Saint Augustine, Florida

7. Dog Collar Museum at Leeds Castle

8. Cumberland Pencil Museum*

9. Glore Psychiatric Museum (check out some stomach contents)

10. Georgia’s Lunchbox Museum (not once, but twice)

11. Pearl’s House of Dolls

12. The late, great Velveteria

13. Potter’s Wax Museum

14. Friet Museum in Brussels

15. Idaho’s Potato Museum (check out its potato masher collection)

16. Munich’s Potato Museum (Das Kartoffel)

17. Canada’s Potato Museum

18. Sex Museum

19. Leila’s Hair Museum (in January 2013 Chicago artist and writer Dmitry Samarov told us about his visit)

20. Berlin’s Museum for Communication

21. Pollock’s Toy Museum

22. International Museum of Cryptozoology

23. Some famous death masks, like the ones at the Nikola Tesla Museum and the James Joyce Tower and Museum

24. Taiwan’s Museum of Drinking Water

25. Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

26. International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum

27. Comic Strip Center in Belgium

28. Museum of Street Lighting

29. National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

30. Currywurst Museum

31. British Dental Association Museum

32. National Maritime Museum

33. Hobo Museum*

34. Banana Museum

35. Liberace Museum (now closed, but never forgotten)

36. Museum of Funeral Customs (also closed, but here’s a postcard I sent a friend, which is now a collector’s item)*

37. Brontë Museum & Parsonage*

38. The "Midget Museum" in Blackpool

39. Marsh’s Free Museum

40. Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum

41. Museum of Jurassic Technology

42. Museum of Natural History’s Beetle Collection

43. Museum of Letters (Buchstaben Museum)

44. Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

45. Adapter Museum

46. World of Coca-Cola Museum

47. Robert C. Williams Paper Museum

48. The World’s Only Fan Museum

49. American Clock & Watch Museum

50. New Zealand’s Shell House Museum

51. Kansas City’s Airline History Museum

52. Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

53. World Museum of Mining

54. Walter Potter’s Museum of Curiosities

55. Mummy Museum

56. Death Mask and Taxidermied Display of Dolly the Sheep at National Museum of Scotland (also check out Arthur’s Seat Coffins)*

57. Here’s a Mütter Museum postcard

58. Hollywood Wax Museum

59. Bramber Museum

60. Dan Blocker Museum

61. Meguro Parasite Museum in Tokyo

62. Italy’s Serial Killer Museum (not once, but twice)

63. Dresden’s Deutsche Hygiene-Museum

64. Vent Haven Museum

65. Set of sixty miniature heads ('Palace of Pills' and the world’s first push up bra) at London’s Science Museum*

66. Alaska’s Hammer Museum (another one of those repeats)

67. London Sewing Machine Museum

68. New Mexico’s Abandoned Frontier Museum

69. Museum of Energy

70. San Francisco’s Musée Mécanique

71. Deutsches Flippermuseum

72. International Slavery Museum*

73. Kelvingrove Art Gallery’s Expression Court (there’s also an Elvis)*

74. Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Belgium

75. Condiment Packet Gallery

76. Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

77. The Lightnin’ Salvage Junk Museum

78. Don Aslett’s Museum of Clean

79. Korea’s Owl Art & Craft Museum

80. Vodka Museum

81. British Lawnmower Museum

82. Oasis Bordello Museum

83. Sixth Floor Museum

84. Marzipan Museum

85. Tennessee’s Teapot Museum

86. Turkey’s UFO Museum (and the Göreme Open Air Museum)

87. Streetlife Museum

88. Imperial War Museum North*

89. China’s Xinjiang Regional Museum

90. Helwan Wax Museum

91. Edinburgh Museum of Childhood

92. SPAM Museum

93. Aluminum Tree and Aesthetically Challenged Seasonal Ornament Museum (a holiday tradition of repeating Christmas-related posts)

94. A Christmas Story House Museum (just like the movie, this one’s on repeat)

95. Basel’s Puppenhaus Museum

96. Jimmy Stewart Museum

97. Urban Planning Museum

98. Museum of Vintage Cartoon Memorabilia and Commercial Archaeology

99. Digital Snow Museum

100. American Museum of Magic*

101. Supreme Burgrave’s House collection at Prague Castle

102. Maine’s Music Box Museum

103. Santa Claus Museum

104. Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

105. The now-closed John Lennon Museum in Japan

106. World’s Largest Snowman

107. Felissimo Christmas Museum

108. Obsolete Computer Museum

109. Museum of Enduring Beauty

110. Liverpool’s Beatles Story Museum*

111. Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History

112. Australia’s Giant Sam the Koala

113. Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum (R.I.P.)

114. History of Pharmacy Museum

115. August von Spiess Museum of Hunting

116. Museo Galileo

117. Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

118. National Media Museum (formerly known as the Photography Museum, which I had many opportunities to visit and deeply regret did not - but here’s a weird photograph)

119. Salzburg’s Dwarf Garden

120. Stockfish Museum

121. Antarctic Exploration Museum and Post Office

122. Cuba’s Rum Museum

123. Egged Museum of Passengers Traffic

124. Shankar’s International Dolls Museum

125. De Lat Crazy House in Vietnam

126. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario

127. Much Missed Museum of Menstruation

128. Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions

129. Cress Funeral Home’s Taxidermy Collection

130. Pitt Rivers Museum*

131. Bröhan-Museum*

132. Sex Machines Museum

133. Jell-O Museum

134. Bunny Museum

135. Spain’s Chamber Pot Museum

136. Haw Par Villa Dragon World (this one’s so good it deserves a second mention)

137. Syphilis Museum

138. The World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum

139. Gillette Castle

140. R-Lucky Star Ranch Farm Museum

141. National Presidents Wax Museum (this one served two terms, then did an FDR and served a third)

142. Museum of Broken Relationships

143. Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum

144. Vending Machine Museum at Cafe Chaos

145. Root Beer Saloon

146. Zucker-Museum (this one is for fans of beet sugar)

147. America’s Only Birth Control Museum

148. Angel Museum (I’ve driven by its sign, does that count?)

149. Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers

150. Troll Museum

151. World’s Largest Pig Museum in Germany

152. Sanrio Theme Park

153. Aurora Ice Museum

154. The now-closed Museum of Crutches in Azerbaijan

155. London’s Ragged School Museum

156. St. Benedict Abbey Museum

157. Salami and Paprika Museum

158. The Cartoon Toilet Canvases of Isotope Comics

159. Toilet Seat Art Museum

160. Museum of Bags and Purses

161. World’s Oldest Peanut at Isle of Wight County Museum

162. Wooden Nickel Historical Museum

163. Musée d’Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouvière

164. Moscow Cat Museum

165. Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil

166. National Bottle Museum

167. Erdöl-Erdgas-Museum (everything you wanted to know about crude oil and natural gas)

168. Arnie’s Life: the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

169. South Welsh Borderers Museum

170. Avanos Hair Museum

171. Margaret Tyler’s "Diana Room"

172. Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia

173. World’s Only Umbrella Cover Museum

174. Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter Egg) Museum

175. Comparative Mammalian Brain Museum

176. Platen Press Museum

177. New York Tattoo Museum

178. South Dakota’s Outhouse Museum


180. Dormouse Hunting Museum

181. The Museum of the Zoological Institute in St. Petersburg

182. Madame Tussauds “Museum” in Shanghai

183. Monaco National Museum’s Automaton Collection

184. Germany’s Easter Egg Museum

185. Wellcome Collection

186. National Museum of Civil War Medicine

187. Motorization Museum

188. Dot’s Mini-Museum

189. Mercedes-Benz Museum

190. Button King Museum

191. Kazoo Museum

192. Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum

193. Neanderthal Museum

194. Accordion Museum

195. National Yo-Yo Museum

196. Pencil Sharpener Museum

197. India’s Utensil Museum

198. Miller Comb Museum

199. World’s Largest Collection of Fluorite at the Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum

200. Nun Doll Museum

201. European Asparagus Museum

202. Stockport’s Hat Works*

203. Prague’s Toy Museum

204. Warther Carvings Museum

205. History of Medicine Museum in Paris

206. Dan Quayle Center

207. Ferris State University’s Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

208. Asphalt Museum

209. Sadness Museum

210. Mini Cake Museum is so sweet it got not one, but two posts

211. Viktor Wynd’s The Little Shop of Horrors in London’s East End

212. Museum of Apiculture

213. World’s Only Insurance Museum

214. St. Marie’s Cooperative Credit Association Museum

215. Degenhart Glass and Paperweight Museum

216. Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax

217. Bottle Peter Museum

218. Zippo/Case Museum

219. Museum of Chopsticks

220. Marikina Shoe Museum

221. China’s Propaganda Museum

222. Florida’s Hamburger Museum

223. Soviet Digital Elecronics Museum

224. Vidalia Onion Museum

225. Garbage Museum

226. Paul Bunyan Statue

227. World’s Smallest Museum - Edgar’s Closet

228. Porter Thermometer Museum

229. Prague’s Museum of Miniatures

230. Gorrie Ice Museum

231. Von Worlds Pens Hall

232. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

233. National Museum of Pasta Foods

234. Fingerhut Museum

235. Dorothy Molter (The Root Beer Lady) Museum

236. Alabama Fan Club and Museum

237. Timex Museum

238. Teako’s Giants of Hatch in New Mexico

239. Bicycle Pedaling Museum

240. Museum of Making Music

241. American Swedish Institute*

242. Prague’s Ekotechnické Museum

243. National Construction Equipment Museum

244. Musée des Lunettes et Lorgnettes

245. Mike Bjorn’s World and Free Museum*

246. Fred Smith’s Concrete Park

247. Museum of Welsh Life

248. Moxie Museum

249. Miracle of America Museum and Pioneer Village

250. Kunsthal Museum

251. Dolly Parton’s Chasing Rainbows Museum

252. Museum of American Finance

253. Chicago’s Money Museum*

254. National Knife Museum

255. Sardine Museum & Herring Hall of Fame

256. France’s largest Anatomy Museum, Musée Orfila

257. Körner’s Folly

258. North Korea’s International Friendship Exhibition

259. Pirate Soul Museum

260. Forum Istanbul’s Ice Museum

261. Stockholm Museum of Wine & Spirits

262. Homeless Museum of Art

263. Belhaven Memorial Museum

264. Grūtas Park aka Stalin’s World

265. American Cocktail Museum

266. Spear Hunting Museum

267. Le Musée du Fumeur

268. Salem Witch Museum*

269. Japan’s Abandoned "Ceramic Land"

270. Logic Puzzle Museum

271. Lucy-Desi Museum

272. South Korea’s Toilet Museum

273. Switzerland’s Frog Museum

274. Austrian National Library’s Globe Museum

275. Elvis Museum & Gift Shops

276. National Bridge and Wax Museum

277. Museum of Wildlife, Industry and Science’s Shoe Collection

278. Frank and Jane Clement Brick Museum

279. Super Museum in Metropolis

280. U.S. Postal Service Museum*

281. Presidential Pet Museum

282. Sign Post Forest

283. La Specola (the world’s largest and best known wax anatomical collection)

284. Amsterdam’s Electric Ladyland

285. Lee’s Legendary Marbles & Collectables

286. Henkermuseum

287. Cuz’s Antique Store

288. National Museum of Health & Medicine

289. London Fire Brigade Museum

290. Dino Kingdom

291. National Museum of American Jewish Military

292. The Closed Six Flags Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum

293. Museum of Bad Art

294. Criminals Hall of Fame Wax Museum

295. Natural Science Museum at Cook’s Pest Control

296. Cambridge’s Whipple Museum

297. Museo Presidente Pinochet

298. Robert the Doll at Fort East Martello Museum

299. Alabama’s Cross Garden

300. Moulagenmuseum in Zurich

301. Walmart Visitors Center Museum in Arkansas

302. Songkran Forensic Medicine Museum

303. Vigeland Museum and Frogner Park

304. Music Valley Wax Museum of the Stars

305. Small diorama of the first anesthesia performed in Great Britain (and an 18th century wedding dress) at the Victoria & Albert Museum*

306. Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf (here’s Leo and Kate!)

307. Brighton Toy and Model Museum

308. Peru’s Brain Museum

309. Leprosy Museum

310. Latvia’s Karosta Prison

311. Japan’s Tie-Dying Museum

312. National Museum of Crime and Punishment

313. Paint By Number Museum

314. Sudha Cars Museum

315. Wisconsin Cranberry Museum

316. Busy Beaver Button Museum (one of those repeat places)*

317. Harold M. Freund American Museum of Baking in Kansas

318. John M. Mossman Lock Museum

319. Land of Lost Content Museum

320. Iowa’s "Man Behind The Doll"

321. New York City’s Jewish Museum

322. Enema Museum

323. Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

324. Shania Twain Centre

325. Dr Pepper Museum (my BFF has been here, does that count?)

326. Ed Clark’s Year-Round Christmas House

327. Old Vienna Brandy Schnaps Museum

328. Jess Prudencio/David Hamrick Hallmark Ornament Museum

329. Kiev’s Peeing Colo(u)rs Statues

330. The Defunct Madison Museum of Bathroom Tissue

331. Pikabellechu’s Pokémon Collection

332. Dr. Val Kolpakov’s Dental Collection

333. The World’s Only Corn Palace

334. Tasmania’s Old Umbrella Shop

335. RV Museum and Hall of Fame

336. Dresden Panometer

337. Stephen Beaumount Museum of Mental Health

338. China’s Dwarf Empire

339. Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center

340. Museum of Student Life’s Nose Academy

341. National Civil Rights Museum (this one deserves a second post)

342. Germany’s Museum Plagiarius

343. Queensland Gallery of Modern Art’s Obliteration Room

344. Unclaimed Baggage Center

345. Biggest Cigarette Pack Collection

346. London’s Hunterian Museum

347. The Louvre’s Egyptian Collection

348. Florida’s Aluminum Castle

349. Museum of Underwater Modern Art

350. Musée-Placard d’Erik Satie (possibly closed?)

351. Ortys Clownmuseum

352. Monsieur Vasseur’s Broken Crockery House

353. The "Gapers" of Zuiderzeemuseum in North Holland.

354. Nebraska’s Carhenge

355. Haeshindang Park, otherwise known as Penis Park

356. Apothecary Museum

357. The One and Only Presidential Museum

358. Miniatürk

359. Komboloi Museum

360. Karen Ferrier’s 101 Dalmatian Collection

361. The Big Easel Project

362. North Korea’s Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum

363. Musée du Papier Peint (Museum of Wallpaper)

364. Polish Museum of America*

365. Artist Chris Burden’s 'Metropolis II’

366. Knights of Columbus Museum

367. “East Wind, West Wind" exhibition

368. Mini Bottle Museum

369. German Butcher Museum

370. Jack Kerouac Alley

371. Museum of British Surfing

372. Prairie Museum’s Exotic Dirt Collection

373. Billy Graham Museum*

374. Berlin’s Frame Museum

375. Israel Museum

376. Holy See in Tây Ninh

377. Silvio Barile’s Italian American Artistic Museum

378. Denver’s Museum of Marijuana

379. Mississippi’s Palestine Gardens

380. JC Penney Museum

381. African Village in America

382. Magic Lantern Castle Museum

383. Artist Herbert Distel’s Schubladenmuseum (Museum of Drawers)

384. Brown University’s John Hay Library

385. The Angel of the North

386. Boomeria

387. The Closed Museum of Holography

388. Maurice Sendak Collection at the Rosenbach Museum & Library

389. Gnome Reserve and Museum

390. Prehistoric Life Museum at Dave’s Down to Earth Rock Shop* (this one got a special post for American Guide)

391. Tartu Toy Museum

392. Chicago History Museum*

393. Zarifa Salahova’s gigantic collection of miniature edition books

394. Harvard University’s Glass Flowers Collection

395. Elsewhere Collaborative

396. Anaesthesia Museum

397. Dragon Dreams Museum

398. The World’s Largest Collection of Stuffed Dogs at Bítov Castle

399. Museum of Snoring

400. World’s First Gay Museum -  Berlin’s Schwules Museum

401. Fairmount Historical Museum’s James Dean and Garfield Collections*

402. Museum of the Modern Snowglobe

403. The Columns of the National Arboretum

404. Marx Toy Museum (this one got another post)

405. Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918

406. China’s Museum of Sex

407. Museum of Endangered Sounds

408. The Stickley Museum

409. Ed’s Museum

410. The Cigar Band House of the Netherlands

411. “The Strange Museum: Travelling Exhibition of Broken Toys” also known as Llonovoy’s Curioseum

412. Zair Azgur Home and Museum

413. American Freedom Museum

414. The Guard Cats of the Hermitage Museum

415. America’s Only Hand Fan Museum

416. World’s First Sand Sculpture Museum

417. Venezuela’s Heladeria Coromoto Ice Cream Parlor

418. "Sprinkling Antiques" Collection

419. Swansea’s National Waterfront Museum

420. American Banjo Museum

421. Mundaneum

422. Stockholm’s subway system, the Tunnelbana

423. Kyrgyzstan National Museum

424. The Wizard of Oz Statues at Alaska’s Reliable Sheet Metal

425. Woodman Institute Museum

426. Hollywood Museum

427. Donald McGill Seaside Postcard Museum

428. The Beatles of Kazakhstan

429. Museum of Fairground Art (Musée des Arts Forains)

430. Beetlejuice Museum

431. New York City’s 24 Hour Museum

432. "Betty and Barney Hill Incident" official state historical marker

433. Salvation Mountain

434. Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop”

435. Thrasher Carriage Museum

436. National Museum of Dentistry

437. Bangsbo Museum (Human Hair Jewelry)

438. Saddam Hussein holding a Mars Bar at the Armed Forces Military Museum

439. Switzerland’s Mystery Park

440. Houston’s Art Car Museum

441. Dog Mountain Chapel

442. Center for Jewish History

443. Klown Doll Museum

444. Lithuania’s Devil Museum

445. Laffing Sal at Playland-Not-At-The-Beach

446. Museum of Osteology at Skulls Unlimited

447. Fargo’s Woodchipper Exhibit

448. L’anse aux Meadows

449. Terror Háza Múzeum

450. Museo de la Medicina Mexicana

451. Cabbage Patch Kids Hospital and Museum

452. Church of the Dead

453. Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum

454. Whitby Museum’s "Hand of Glory"

455. Scarecrow Village

456. Switzerland’s Kindlifresser, or “Child Eater”

457. Undertakers’ Museum

458. Museum of Vampires & Legendary Creatures (Musée des Vampires)

459. Bread and Puppet Museum

460. Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park

461. Turkmenistan’s "Gates of Hell"

462. One Street Museum’s Death Mask Collection

463. The Atlanta White House

464. Bolo Tie Museum

465. Argentina’s House of Salvaged Bottles

466. HR Giger Museum (this one got a special post when he died)

467. National Museum of Mexican Art* (another repeat because Day of The Dead is so darn cool)

468. The World’s Worst Wax Museum

469. Star Trek’s Voyage Home Museum

470. Museum of Contraception and Abortion

471. Thomas Kinkade National Archive Gallery

472. Red Telephone Box Museum

473. Amsterdam’s Sex Museum

474. Baltic Amber Museum

475. Ralph Foster Museum

476. Chair Making Museum

477. National Museum of Spectacles

478. World’s Largest Tick Collection

479. Katten Kabinet

480. British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum

481. Shrine at Our Lady Mount Carmel Monastery in Indiana

482. Cornish Pasty Museum

483. Museu De Miniatures in Besalú, Spain

484. The Museum of Things (Museum der Dinge)*

485. Ava Gardner Museum

486. Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum

487. Always Remember Cardrona Bra Fence

488. Roger Miller Museum

489. Viennese Clock Museum

490. National Railway Museum*

491. Cathedral Buffet

492. Museum of the American Presidency

493. The Big Internet Museum

494. Winterthur Museum’s Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens

495. Pest House Medical Museum

496. Lebanese Hall of Fame

497. Charles Darwin’s Down House*

498. Japan’s Kori no Suizokukan

499. Mini-Paris

500. Museum of Love

501. Vachel Lindsay Home*

502. "The City of Presidents"

503. International Coffee Cup Museum

504. Red Baron Museum

505. LBJ Library and Museum

506. Taiwan Nougat Museum

507. "They Also Ran Gallery"

508. Farnsworth House*

509. Lumina Domestica

510. Ecuador’s La Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Agua Santa

511. J’s Tea-rific Teapot Museum

512. "The World Machine"

513. Sir John Soane’s Museum*

514. Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art A Day at the Museum

515. Hollywood Heritage Museum

516. Pope John Paul II Shrine

517. Bakelite Museum

518. Czech Museum of Music

519. The Smallest House in Great Britain*

520. Oran Z’s Pan African Black Facts and Wax Museum

521. Bob’s Magazine Museum

522. Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer (Playing Cards Museum)

523. Bily Clocks Museum

524. Museum of Earth History

525. Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site

526. Flour Art Museum

527. Leprechaun Museum

528. Microcar Museum

529. Manchester Museum*

530. Alaska’s Earthquake Park

531. Famous Endings Museum

532. Elevator Historical Society Museum

533. Wistariahurst Museum’s "Dead Frog Circus"

534. Underpenny Plane and Cast Iron Museum

535. Walter De Maria’s Earth Room

536. Ace World Luggage Museum

537. Phallic Shrine in Bangkok

538. Le Salon des Navigateurs Museum

539. Mann Wildlife Learning Museum

540. Museu del Perfum in Barcelona

541. Schiphol Airport’s Art Museum

542. White’s Metal Detectors Museum

543. Nacromuseum

544. Berlin’s Ramones Museum*

545. Gann Museum

546. New Mexico’s Million Dollar Museum (R.I.P.)

547. Frank Sinatra’s Last Towel on display the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City

548. Anne Murray Centre

549. House of Dreams

550. Memorial Day Museum

551. Jewish Museum’s* The Whole Truth Exhibit

552. Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft

553. ABBA Museum

554. "The Museum of the Odd"

555. Road Traffic Hall at the Swiss Museum of Transport

556. Poland’s Poster Museum

557. Robbie Antonio’s "Museum of Me"

558. Museo Criminologico

559. The Stoogeum

560. Havana’s Gambling and Cards Museum, the Museo de Naipes

561. Uncle Remus Museum

562. Paul Boyer’s Museum of Animated Carvings

563. Cyclorama of Jerusalem

564. Blanton Museum of Art’s What Jane Saw

565. Beer Can Museum & Hall of Fame

566. Wonderful Wacky Hot Dog Museum

567. Japan’s Piggy Banks Museum

568. Boll Weevil Monument

569. The World’s Largest Blue Bottle Tree

570. Vibrator Museum

571. The Liberty Bell of the West

572. Chimney Sweep Museum

573. State Art Museum of the Republic of Karakalpakstan aka the Nukus Museum of Art

574. "Keep Cudahy Fun" House*

575. Shangri-La Stone Village

576. Chicago’s Mural House*

577. Buddha Park

578. Metropolitan Museum of Art*

579. Hall of Curious Rocks

580. Matkot Museum

581. Antiquibles, home to the World’s Largest Dog Museum

582. Graceland Too

583. Beneski Museum of Natural History’s Hitchcock Ichnology Collection

584. Mµseum

585. Berlin’s Lipstick Museum

586. B&B Antiques in North Myrtle Beach

587. Sunset Junque*

588. Mary Nohl House*

589. Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum*

590. Hastings Museum’s “Kool-Aid: Discover the Dream

591. Big Mac Museum

592. Carromato de Max

593. Reiff’s Gas Station Museum

594. Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh Museum

595. Vrolik Museum

596. Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral

597. Obscura Antiques & Oddities*

598. McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum*

599. National Museum of Funeral History

600. Nick Engelbert’s Grandview

601. Andy Warhol Museum’s Cloud Room

602. Berber Museum

603. Odd Fellows Museum

604. Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral

605. The House on the Rock

606. Musée de la Prohibition

607. Handel House

608. Lummis Home & Gardens

609. Intinan Solar Museum

610. Arizona’s Mysterious Christmas Tree

611. Muskegon’s Singing Christmas Tree

612. The Larsen Christmas Light Show*

613. Alaska’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

614. Lantrip Ashtray Museum

615. Alabama (the band) Memorial

616. Teddy Bear Museum

617. Church of Broken Toys

618. Museo Beatle

619. Museum of Russian Icons

620. Bridgewater’s Doll Room

621. Carnegie Hall’s Rose Museum

622. Abraham Lincoln Home National Historic Site*

623. Rainbow Land Museum

624. Matchbox Museum (Aquiles da Mota Lima Museum of Matches)

625. Relics of Saint Valentine

626. Johnny Cash Museum

627. Vladimir Lenin Statue of Seattle

628. “Birthplace of the Frog: The Jim Henson Delta Boyhood Exhibit

629. Biedenharn Museum & Gardens

630. Jaca Citadel Military Miniatures Museum

631. Grampa Jerry’s Clown Museum

632. Ireland’s Ramones Museum

633. Czech Republic’s Peeing Statues aka Piss

634. Desert Christ Park

635. Freddie Fox Museum

636. Marianne North Gallery of Botanic Art at Kew Gardens

637. Museum Dr Guislain in Ghent

638. Hearthstone House

639. Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle’s Taxidermy Shop

640. America’s Only Albert Einstein Museum

641. King Ludwig’s Gallery of Beauties

642. Chris and Amy’s Bowling Ball Yard Art

643. Seoul Museum of Chicken Art

644. Nonseum

645. The World Famous Crochet Museum

646. Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

647. Royal Photographic Society Collection’s 'Somebody's Luggage'

648. China’s June 4th Museum

649. The only known international boundary marker within the U.S.

650. Museum of Fine Arts’ Kunstkammer Gallery

651. The World’s Largest Moose

652. Iowa’s Freedom Rock

653. “The World Through Wooden Eyes

654. White Castle’s Cravers Hall of Fame

655. Appalachian Trail’s Coffee Mug Tree

656. FBI laboratory’s Reference Firearms Collection

*Places I’ve actually visited

On this day 80 years ago, America’s first official Public Enemy Number One John Dillinger was shot to death by FBI agents as he exited the Biograph Theater in Chicago after seeing the Clark Gable gangster film Manhattan Melodrama. At FBI headquarters in Virginia there is a collection of firearms that were captured from the real Dillinger gang (that also includes Dillinger’s death mask as well as the hat, clothes, sunglasses and cigar he had when he died). And there’s more to it than that as the FBI laboratory’s reference firearms collection houses nearly every gun ever made (numbering 7,000 in total), more than 15,000 types of ammunition, and accessories like suppressors and muzzle attachments. Some unusual items include a pistol hidden in the cut out pages of an early edition of Gone With The Wind as well as a submachine gun hidden in a guitar case. The gun collection was created in 1933, a year after the FBI launched the Technical Crime Laboratory, a forerunner to today’s FBI Lab. Their mission was to apply a scientific standard to criminal investigations by comparing evidence against reference collections of known samples. Although some of the items are museum quality, this collection is ever-expanding and hands-on as examiners study, take apart, reassemble, and test weapons to support their investigations.