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Tumblr has Kim Jong-il looking at things and Kim Jong-un looking at things but what it really needs is a random North Korea museum. Yeah, they do have those things over there, maybe sometime in the future Kim Jong-un will look at one. If you want to get a different perspective on the Korean War, and can somehow get inside North Korea, then go visit the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (watch the dramatic video here).n English speaking guide (properly dressed in a military uniform of course) guides visitors around to tell the North Korean version of the Korean War, or the DPRK’s struggle against the Japanese and, later on, the “imperialist aggressors” aka the Americans. With over 80 exhibition halls, there are many pieces of original military equipment, weapons and vehicles, including U.S. captured planes. A helicopter that was shot down is next to a photograph of American pilots surrendering. The North Koreans  claim much of the museum collection was seized after the “liberation” of Seoul during the war. The most impressive part comes at the end…a revolving room in what is thought to be the biggest 360 degree panorama in the world. The background of the room is painted (40 people worked on it apparently) with battle scenes while war elements, such as weapons, military vehicles, huts, soil, etc. cover the room.

So remember, kids - you can learn things at museums, it might not be true but you do learn something. Oh, and it wasn’t a ceasefire that “ended” the war in 1953, but an armistice, so technically the war’s still going on, even if the DPRK thinks they won and claim to have killed half a million “Yankee imperialists”. One more thing…according to the North Koreans, Kim Jong-il was an absolute phenom at whatever he did. The first time he ever played golf, he shot 38 under par (including 11 holes-in-one). That shit should be in a museum.

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