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Everybody hates clowns. Well, that’s true except for the people who run the Klown Doll Museum in Plainview, Nebraska. I don’t know if spelling clown with a ‘k’ makes makes everything less scary, but I sincerely doubt it. A local musical group from the 1950s called the Klown Doll Band is to blame for all this mess. Apparently they were so popular that this little town became “klown-obsessed” and decided to open a Klown Doll Museum. Clowns came pouring in from around the country; Mattie Vanderpool of South Dakota alone donated 1500 clowns. There are now over 7,000 clown dolls (apparently the world’s largest if you care about those things) and no two items are alike. About five years ago, the museum had to double its size because of the growing collection. There are ceramic clowns, stuffed clowns, music box clowns, coffee mug clowns, clown magnets and even a Christmas tree decorated with clown ornaments. Every year there is a Klown Festival Parade. So if you suffer from coulrophobia, I suggest you stay as far away as possible from this place. Also, do not read this book

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