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Have you heard how all the bees are dying? Well, we’re shit out of luck without them as it’s estimated 80% of the Western diet depends on bee pollination. So most of us will probably starve to death, while the monkeys laugh at us. Eventually, all humans will become extinct. Before you die, maybe you should plan a trip to Slovenia so you can visit the Museum of Apiculture, located in an old Baroque manor house dedicated to the history and techniques of beekeeping. Named after famed Slovene apiarist Anton Janša, the museum shows how important the bee trade was to Slovenia. From 1857 until WWI, Slovenian bee merchants sold hundreds of thousands of queen bees. Even though death will be on your mind, try and stay focused as you learn all about the different ways to press bee wax, all the jobs of the beekeeper and the cosmetics and medicines that depend on bee products. I know it’s a lot to take in, especially if you’re not into bees. But remember…be thankful. If they didn’t exist, you’d be dead as a doornail.

P.S. Believe it or not, the above picture shows the practice of hand-painting long rectangular box hives with scenes from history, folk tales or biblical stories.

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