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I once told you about that time I visited the Ramones Museum in Berlin. I’ve also told you about many small museums, like the 22 square foot closet known as Edgar’s Closet, the Micro Mµseum in Somerville, the World’s Largest Collection of the Smallest Versions of Large Things as well as the Smallest House in Great Britain (because of course I have to go to the world’s tiniest house museum). Anyway, if you think it’s impossible to combine the teeny tiny with America’s first punk band, well, you are wrong. If you say it can’t be done, it has been done…in a seaside suburb of Dublin…inside a Mexican restaurant (of course there is a Facebook). Lifelong Ramones devotee and restaurant owner Colin Ring (hey, that name doesn’t sound Mexican) started it as a way to get his collection out of the house and in front of the band’s fans. He describes it as “exactly the kind of restaurant [he’d] visit if [he] didn’t own [the] restaurant” and believes “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” changed his life. His favourite item in the collection is the “Swallow my Pride” single, which was released on Phillips Ireland (I guess back then countries would press their own version of a single or LP). At the world’s smallest Ramones museum, visitors (or should I say restaurant patrons) can look at backstage passes, tickets and an early fan club newsletter while drinking margaritas and eating chicken enchiladas.

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